Sunday, June 20, 2021

Six years on - still standing strong - peace in the trees


In 2015 thirteen carved stone monoliths were installed on the Maleny Trail pathway on a section that runs parallel to the Obi Obi Creek from near the Riverside Shopping Centre to the creek near the Lighthorse pavilion.  The sculptures are installed along a section that is wide cement path that enables all people, including those in chairs or walkers, to see and reflect on the pieces.

The sculptures were created by 13 non-sculpture artists who volunteered to carve the pieces under the guidance of Craig Medson. Part of the story is recorded on the signage below. The Peace in the Trees Sculpture walk was opened in September 2015.

Six years on the Sunshine Coast Council arranged to have the works cleaned and sealed - thanks to Fiona McCarron, Edith-Ann Murray and Julie Hauritz (SCC). 

The works have nestled into the landscape - settled in amongst the trees and plants as they were designed to do.

A few photos of the cleaned works follow.

Creating Peace - Michael Givinchy

Solace - Kim Morland

Maleny Platypus - Cathy Lawley

Reflection - Judy Gardiner

Thought - Vivienne Bennet

Choice - Sally Fisher

Be still and let the peace of this place wash over you - Ken Munsie

Quandong - Edith-Ann Murray

Reptilian - Emma McDonald

Heartfelt - Carolyn Sheather

In a word peace - Katie White 

Shh.... James Crowther

Imagine Peace - Barry Smith

Many people who walk the pathway comment on how it lifts them to catch glimpses of the monoliths. Finding peace on the pathway and amongst the trees.


  1. Thank you so much. It was a thoroughly beautiful experience carving with you all. Warm regards, Kim

  2. Great to see these pieces continuing to offer joy to walkers. It was a grand project to be involved in. Good way also of honouring Craig. Barry