Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Water creatures of the Obi Obi display

Cathy Lawley worked with two groups of children (Water Dragon group and Platypus group - 17 in each group)  to crate; glaze and then install their Water Dragons and Platypi in the two display cases at the local Maleny Library. This was all part of the Creative Space's Water Creatures of the Obi Obi placemaking activity.

As you can see both cases are just filled to the brim with finished works.

What an amazing hands on way of learning about these important creatures who live in the creek just behind the library. See just a few of the raku fired pieces on display.

I'm sure that the 34 children who took part in this activity;  their families; and now the broader community will be much more aware of these special creatures and their place in our environment.

Creative Spaces 2012 was sponsored by the Sunshine Coast Council; and the Water Creatures of the Obi Obi was made possible through the support of staff of the Maleny Library - thanks.

Monday, October 8, 2012

'Sailing Inland' continued

My second day of installing my sails at Gerrard's Lookout went well.
I chatted to lots of people and many were quite impressed with the concept.
I set thinks up a bit differently yesterday - sails on both sides of the road and I sat in the shade under a convenient tree [35deg in the sun], where most people needed to pass me to get to the lookout - ample opportunities for a casual chat.
Thanks to Christine for helping me set up, Ken for the morning coffee, and of course a huge thank you to Barry for the behind the scenes paper work to make the whole art4place 'Creative Spaces' viable.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Water Creatures of the Obi Obi River

As part of the art4place 'Creative Spaces' project, Cathy Lawley spent many hours with children at the local library, creating clay platypi and water dragons which she raku fired and installed in the display cabinets. See Barry's posts for photos of the 'making' stage on the library lawn.

The workshop celebrated the special creatures that live in the Obi Obi Creek in Maleny. Platypi and Water Dragons feature along the creek and children had the opportunity to explore where they live, be inspired by nature and re-create the animals in clay. By focusing on the creatures that actually live in this place (and not just native animals in general) and by learning about their habits and how they live, children became more aware of their environment and the special habitats and creatures around them.

Cathy took the children to the creek where they saw water dragons and a couple of the boys camped out near the creek and actually saw a platypus on dusk that evening - a very special outcome!!

The following photos show some of the processes...

...platypii ready for glazing...
...glazing in the library...
...water dragons raku fired...
...platypii in the display case.

Wonderful fun for all involved.