Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Notes from art4place March Meeting

©2012 Noela Mills - Detail from Placemaking art path - HBC -created by art4place

Promotion: art4place is re-developing the original DL card used for promotion; and is considering other promotional card options including postcard and business card formats.

Placemaking art map: In the past art4place developed a placemaking art walking map for Maleny. We are investigating a DL card that combines promotional and the placemaking art map. This would be provided to information kiosks and art related outlets.

Funding and support: art4place has demonstrated that it is making a contribution in the placemaking art sector in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. It is now time to put the organisation on a more stable financial footing so that it can take on larger projects and be in a position to independently sponsor minor community activities. To enable this consolidation and development process art4place is exploring additional funding and general support options, including:
o Local Council grants linked to economic development and tourism;
o Federal Government grants linked to festivals and special events such as World Environment Day; and
o Presenting to local Service bodies re our activities and possible sponsorship for community placemaking art activities.

Insurance: art4place is investigating new options of covering ‘in the field’ activities in the future. Past activities were covered by the auspicing body’s insurance.

Next art4place meeting: 4.30pm, HBC 38a Coral Street Maleny, 7th May – open to members and other interested people.

©2012 Noela Mills - Detail from Placemaking art path - HBC - created by art4place

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Monthly updates from the art4place Committee

Noela Mills © art4place - creating cairns in Pecan Park - 2011

art4place meetings are held on the first Monday of the month at the Hinterland Business Centre 38a Coral Street Maleny at 4.30 pm.

All art4place members are welcome to attend.

At the last meeting, the Management Committee decided to post a short summary of the main points of each meeting on the blog site. This is the first of our monthly summary updates.art4place Meeting 12 March 2012
  • art4place participation in the Bunya Dreaming Festival was well received, with seven of our members creating, organising and helping on the day. Artists were paid a small honorarium for their contribution on the day. The art4place Committee aims to apply for grant funding next year to enable us to stage a bigger and better event and pay our artists and helpers a small fee.
  • Sunshine Coast Council has a new interactive website for arts and creative organisations called the ‘COMMUNITY HUB’. art4place aims to become a regular contributor to this site.
  • Artslink Qld [Qld Arts Council] has funding to support 5 regions in 2013, to revitalize regional communities through the arts – the program is called Animating Places. Art4Place will submit a proposal to see if we can secure one of the 5 partnerships and use this opportunity to promote placemaking art and artists in the Sunshine Coast hinterland.
  • SUNSHINE COAST HINTERLAND CREATIVE SPACES – art4place is collaborating with Arts Connect’s ‘Open Studios, September 15th – October 7th, 2012, by proposing 6 activities/workshops/displays that complement the ‘Open Studios’ programme. We have applied to the Sunshine Coast Council for a Major Grant –‘Cultural development’ but won’t know the outcome until the end of June 2012

Noela Mills © art4place - Cairn of Peace and Hope in Pecan  Park 2011