Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Cows creating place in Maleny

Over the next little while ArtSite will feature existing placemaking-community art in the SSC Hinterland. We will do this as artists and other community members draw our attention to existing art; and hopefully provide us with a photo or two of the art.

Recently an installation of cows designed and developed by Janna Pameijer was officially opened. The installation is sited on the north eastern side of the bridge as one enters Maleny from Landsborough.

Photos courtesy of Gemma Black.

This installation was 3-4 years in the making from concept to opening. It demonstrates that placemaking art can take time; and requires a lot of patience and persistence. But in the end the long journey has been worth it – the artistic and statement aspects of the piece are top class. Like all placemaking art the installation is much more than beautifully designed and executed metal sculpture of cows –it is also about community, about people who are the backbone of the dairy industry; it is about Maleny as a producer of quality dairy products; it is about the history of the cattle sale yards on the bank of the Obi Obi etc.

Congratulations to Janna and her supporters for achieving such a great outcome; and creating another community piece of public art and talking point.

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