Sunday, March 14, 2010

Understory - art and people create a place

The Understory project is really worth a look from the perspective of artists collaborating with community to create truly inspiring art and a sense of place in the natural environment. The few photos included here were taken when Fiona and I visited Understory August 2009.

The Understory website says: "Understory is a nationally unique art in nature experience that everyone can enjoy. Artworks are located along a 1.2km walk trail through pristine native forest. Sculptures, stories, poetry and music explore our relationship with nature and the 'spirit of place'."

"Understory was originally called the Southern Forest Sculpture Walk. It is managed by Southern Forest Arts - a 'not for profit' community cultural organisation.

Over 50 nationally and internationally renowned creative professionals have participated in the project since first established in November 2006. New artworks are added regularly to ensure there is always something fresh for visitors to experience.

Most people spend one hour to one and a half hours walking the trail and listening to a range of five audio tours (including interviews with participating artists, stories poetry and music). There are also audio tours especially for children and youth."

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  1. I particularliy like how the wooden bent over, is it a outhouse... holding the tree up!