Thursday, March 15, 2012

Creative Spaces 2012

To promote art tourism in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland and to complement the Sunshine Coast Hinterland Open Studios 2012 event, art4place proposes creating a program of 6 placemaking art initiatives across the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

Kim Schoenberger © Concept photos for installation of floating leaves
It is proposed that the overall placemaking event will be known as Sunshine Coast Hinterland Creative Spaces 2012; and will take place around the time of the SCH Open Studios 2012.

It is planned that 6 Creative Spaces placemaking art initiatives would take the following forms: 
  • a sculptural development sandstone carving workshop and installation in the trees on at Maleny Retreat (Booroobin) using the 10-12 pieces created in the workshop;
  • an installation of sails on Balmoral Ridge;
  • a dynamic display by children in Russell Park to re-enact and celebrate the flight of the Glossy Black Cookatoo using wings they created from recycled cardboard;
  • a community lantern making workshop that reflects the history, environment and community of the Witta area and an evening illumination that celebrates cooperatives as part of International Year of Cooperatives 2012 event in Maleny;
  • an installation of floating pink heart shaped leaves in the Russell Park ponds to celebrate the connection of people, including the Kabi Kabi people, who have used these watering holes over many years; and
  • a children's participatory community ceramic art event and display at the Maleny Library on the Obi Obi Creek to celebrate the Eastern Water Dragon and Platypus of the Obi Obi.
The placemaking art would enable the story/stories of the people and place that are in the proximity of open studios to be made visible and celebrated in the creative spaces. 

Noela Mills © Concept photos of installation of sails
At this stage the art4place Committee has received and accepted the 6 placemaking proposals from art4place member artists; and has lodged an application for art funding to implement the initiatives.

So it is a case of watch this space.


  1. It's a wonderful project Barry and I look forward to seeing the results.

  2. Let's keep all our fingers crossed that we are able to see these projects go ahead.