Monday, September 2, 2013

Recognition for an art4place artist

In May Christine Elcoate, a member of the art4place management committee, was recognised by Rotary for her contribution to the arts in the Sunshine Coast area.

Christine is a very active member of art4place and has been the driving force behind art4place’s temporary placemaking art events such as at Festuri and in Creative Spaces 2012.

You can see Christine in action in the photos below.

Christine marshalling the Sister City Festuri Dragon
Christine working with children creating wings for the reenactment of the flight of the endangered Glossy Blacvk Cockatoo
Christine - the Rainbow Serpent storyteller
Chistine (right) with another art4place artist Cathy Lawley at an art4place social gathering
Art4place is proud to have such community minded artists such as Christine as members. Congratulations Christine and thanks for creating placemakng art and community.

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