Sunday, July 11, 2010

Banff supporting placemaking art

Recently I was fortunate to visit Banff (Canada) - why fortunate? Small as it was Banff demonstrated that the town values placemaking art. Over a period of about 8 years the town has commissioned five pieces or installations (3 stone and 2 bronze) of public art and placemaking that relates to and tells a story about different aspects of the place.

The Mountain Camp celebrated the pioneer spirit of the place.
But my favourite was four crows on tall granite poles - a reference to the crows that are part of the landscape.

I thought the crow above was both inquisitive and haunting.
And I particularly liked the seat made from old snowboards - not a piece commissioned by the town. But what a placemaking story - connection with the youth, snowboarding and the business it was outside of.

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