Sunday, August 8, 2010

Art4place artists join in the Festival of the Walks

Art4place and Arts Connect have made a commitment to be artistically involved in this year's Festival of the Walks (FoW). Arts Connect will coordinate activities in Montville and Kondalilla Falls Park; and art4place will be involved in a number of activities in Maleny and Mary Cairncross Park.

art4place's activities include:
* Saturday 21 August art4place’s Maleny Placemaking Art Map will be launched and distributed as part of the FoW Maleny Street Party starting around 11.30am.
* Sunday 22 August (10am-3pm) ephemeral artworks themed on the Birdwing Butterfly will be created by art4place artists in the picnic area of Mary Cairncross Park and throughout the Birdwing Butterfly Walk adjoining the picnic area.
* Sunday 29 August there will be a 'Show & Tell' at the Mapleton Markets from 7.30am -12.30pm where art4place artists will join Arts Connect artists display the construction of and finished products of Kondalilla and MCP ephemeral artworks with photographic and possibly public participation presentations. The art4place Maleny Placemaking Art Map and Arts Connect Montville Art Trail will also be available.

Ephemeral placemaking art:

On Sunday 22 August art4place artists will be involved in the creation of the following pieces of ephemeral placemaking art:
**** Butterflies from leaves – located near the timber platform and associated screens on Butterfly walk – made from Norfolk Pine and Bleeding Heart fronds and leaves
**** Stenciling Butterflies and Butterfly names (Variety of sizes) - along the path and edge of path and on grass on edge of picnic area – stenciling will be done with fine sand and Talc
**** Butterfly sail – in the trees before the timber platform on the Butterfly walk it will be made from stretch fabric, string and paint
**** The big butterfly – created from glued on coloured paper swatches - adjacent to path between platform and end of the Butterfly walk – it will have a light frame for butterfly and the public will be invited to glue paper squares onto the butterfly to create texture and colour
**** Sea of butterflies – an installation of coloured in butterfly images at the beginning and end of the Butterfly walk

Join in

If you want to be part of creating the ephemeral placemaking art why not come to Mary Cairncross Park between 10am and 3pm on Sunday 22 August - make it a picnic, bring the children - good family and creative fun.

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  1. It's going to be a gr8 day, looking forward to it.