Sunday, July 1, 2012

Major Grant for Creative Spaces 2012

The art4place Committee was very excited to receive at letter from the Sunshine Coast Council at the end of May notifying us that our application for funding for Sunshine Coast Hinterland Creative Spaces 2012 (Creative Spaces) had been successful. We have been awarded a grant of $10,000 towards the cost of the initiative.
©2012 Screen dump - SCC supporting the arts 
We are pleased to receive this grant. Of course more funds would have been welcome but we recognise that funds are limited and there are a lot of organisations applying for funds to do things to create a better communities across the SCC area.

The funds we received means that Creative Spaces 2012 will go ahead. The funds will cover the costs of six placemaking art activities we plan for the Creative Spaces including:

  • Workshops and installations for children in and around the Maleny Library titled Water Creatures of the Obi Obi;
  • Workshops, a film and fun in the park for children  titled Celebrating the Glossy Black Cockatoo;
  • A fabric sail installation titled Sailing Inland – celebrating the tall ships and hang gliders (see planned installation in earlier post here);
  • A lantern making workshop and installation titled Creative Sparks – celebrating our cooperative history;
  • An installation of painted floating leaves celebrating the use of lagoons on the Hinterland for important social gatherings titled Celebrating love and unity (see planned installation in earlier post here); and
  • A two-day sandstone carving workshop and installation of sandstone monoliths celebrating peace and the environment titled Peace in the trees.

Creative Spaces is being held during the same period as Arts Connect’s Open Studios 2012 . Arts Connect and art4place are working together to give visitors to the SC hinterland a great art experience in September and October 2012. Exact dates and times of the six art4place Creative Spaces placemaking activities will be announced in the near futures.

©2012 Barry Smith - Sandstone monolith amongst the trees - The Southern Vermont Arts Center 
The photo above is a sandstone sculpture monolith in the outdoor sculpture collection of  The Southern Vermont Arts Center. It is hoped that Creatives Spaces Peace in the Trees will result in an installation of sandstone carved pieces similar to this.

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  1. Congratulations Barry... well done Art4Place group. Love the plans.