Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Peace in the Trees

Our Creative Spaces Activities have commenced with a huge amount of energy - literally!!
Local sculptor, Craig Medson, is leading an enthusiastic bunch of art4place members and supporters at the beautiful Maleny Retreat, Booroobin, on the edge of the escarpment.
Participants are carving lovely large sandstone blocks - transported last week from Helidon and split by Craig and his team.
The theme, naturally, is 'Peace in the Trees'. The sculptures will form a column of tranquil monoliths on the edge of the escarpment with the glorious views of the glasshouse Mountains in the background.....

The Open Days for the public to help celebrate the installation are Sunday, 23rd Sept, and Saturday, 6th October, 10 - 4 both days....wanderings, musings and meditations to be enjoyed and shared by all.

...gentle hands carving,
...James and Craig with some heavy duty help,
...Edith Ann with the delicate touch,
...Barry and his 'peace' lettering,
...Sally allowing the stone 'to speak',
...Caroline taking a much needed break,
...all hard at work,
...and look out for out art4place flags signing our activities over the next 4 - 6 weeks.

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  1. What a great setting for these monumental pieces. Hard work--well done.