Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Kim's 'Celebrating Love and Unity'

Kim Schoeberger has been busy cutting, painting and preparing hundreds of leaves ready for her workshop and installation today titled 'Celebrating Love and Unity'.

The lagoon in Russell Family Park was once a watering hole for members of the indigenous Gubbi Gubbi people as they made their way to Baroon Pocket for their annual gathering. At these gatherings stories were told, tools and ornaments exchanged, conflicts resolved and marriages arranged.

Such gatherings speak of love and unity, and by trailing hand-written messages of love and family on a sea of heart shaped leaves, Kim celebrated how Russell Family Park is still a place for gathering and for families to spend time together.

She invited people to write messages of hope, peace, love and unity on the leaves, then they were floated in rubber tubes on the pond  in Montville. Kim interacted with at least 100 people and had hundreds of leaves arranged within 10 floating rings which looked very much like hot pink, black rimmed lily pads.

The installation created a sense of serenity and meditation as it drifted across the lagoon, creating differing designs and patterns as the wind took it in different directions.


  1. Yay for Kim...I see my message made it. They do look like lily pads.

    1. Yay Jo! I'm glad your message appeared in a photograph

  2. K-really striking installation; and good to see that kids got into it; and that other folk wanted to interact with it and photograph it. Well done. B

  3. N-good record of the event; it was a great day for photos being overcast and the lagoion so still. Thanks for the photos and the post. B

  4. brilliant installation Kim love the photos!

  5. You are all welcome - glad I was a part of it XX