Sunday, September 23, 2012

'Sailing Inland' - Noela Mills

Yesterday was a beautiful day for my installation of 9 sails at Gerrard's Lookout on the Maleny-Montville Rd.

'This installation tells stories of the past and of the present, connecting the coast to the hinterland.
The white sails echo the arrival of many of our forebears by sailing ship, along the coast that stretches out below the escarpment.

The colourful sails reflect the hang gliders that regularly float and thread themselves across the skies above, taking off from the escarpment and drifting down below, bringing the mountains to the sea'.

Quite a few artist friends and family arrived throughout the day to keep me company and ply me with coffees and snacks
About 110 cars stopped at the lookout, about 350 people. Not all took notice of the art installation, maybe one third read the information at the base of the steps - maybe a subliminal message for the others.
I thoroughly enjoyed the day, watching the way the wind billowed the sails around, and the play of light and shade as the sun moved across the sky.
I enjoy the way people who interact with me and the installation have brought their own thoughts and feelings to the display -
eg. imagining the Gubbi Gubbi people staring from the escarpment, wondering [in fear] at the strange huge ships with their huge white sails.
I will repeat the installation next Sunday, 30th September. All welcome to join me on the picnic rug [especially if you arrive with a coffee - half strength, no sugar] !!!

The next Creative Spaces event is Kim's 'Love and Unity' workshop and Installation at Russell Family Park, Montville, from 11am until 2pm on Wednesday, 26th Sept.


  1. Well done Noela..great day for it. Sorry I had other commitments, but maybe next Sunday?

  2. N-the colours look spectacular - love the weaving in and out of the trees. F & I hope to get across to check it out in the afternoon of the 30th. Well done. B

  3. Thanks Jo and Barry - would be great to see you all next week.

  4. Looks fantastic Noela and great photographs. I like your placement with the flags.